An amazing video to explain how it all works!

Once your guests step into the Voxbox booth and the curtain is closed, they face a camera lens and a touchscreen monitor with instructions. They press the button and leave a video message or pose for a photo! Outside the booth, the pictures can be displayed on a large monitor for all to see and enjoy. When your guests exit the booth, the pictures are printed in seconds. Everyone is invited to go online to share and check out all of the photos from the party using one of our iPads.

Why a Voxbox booth?

Included as standard are unlimited professional photo prints. The border artwork is specifically designed for you, incorporating the name of your event and any logos or branding. The booth prints photos instantly, either 1 to a page, 2, 3, or 4 images to a page. Each print is 6"x4" standard photo size. A professional Canon DSLR camera takes high resolution photographs and captures HD quality video. Studio lighting adds that professional touch with a wind machine for 'glamour style poses'. Post your photograph onto Facebook using our iPads outside the booth. We provide exciting prop boxes for extra fun. A Voxbox booth can bring something unique and special to your event.

Social media and Facebook

Upload to Facebook immediately after your photo has been taken. Voxbox iPads are located next to the booth that allow your guests to easily share their favourite images from the photo booth directly to Facebook. You can even use the automated Facebook uploads option to instantly post images directly to a Facebook fan page which can generate 'likes' from your customers.

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The Voxbox touchscreen

Take a look at how the touchscreen works.

Why rent a booth?

Photo booths have become extremely popular for any kind of event. They are a great way to capture candid moments for any occasion, from weddings to corporate events and parties. It provides your guests with a photo that they can keep as a lifelong memento of the occasion. The photographs are the perfect party souvenir. You'll want all your guests to have a great time. Let them remember it by renting a booth from us today.